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Welcome to UPTREND VALUE our passion revolves around our traders and the market opportunities in the cryptocurrency space as well as the forex financial markets.

Our company was created to develop new tools, algorithms and software to facilitate the work of our traders by having the correct information at the right time to afront the changing markets around the world. By having the right tools and knowledge we reduce the losses of our partners. We believe that trading can be achieve by anyone with the right chances and tools, achieving this stability is our mission by guarantying our partners continues earnings around trading.

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About uptrend Value

With decades of experience UPTREND VALUE was created with a passion, with a vision of the future a way to change traditional trading around forex and cryptocurrency our company is the front of the development of tools, algorithms and new online tools to make our partners realize their financial goals. The passion to see our traders’ success in Forex and the financial market drives us every day to consistently achieve our mission.

Company Registration

One of our top priority is our transparency and security for our members that is why our company is public and officially registered in the United Kingdom Parliament. Whether you are a private, or professional trader UPTREND VALUE offers you the execution and security regulations with the innovative technologies of a market oriented online broker, our investment is trust.

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Our Advantages

Privacy and Protection

The security of your funds is our priority our expert team of Uptrend Value is always ready to neutralize any threat to our platform.

Privacy and Protection

Your money is always faster in your hand with the different and fastest withdrawal methods Uptrend Value has implanted through the years.

Technical Support 24/7

Uptrend Value only hires experienced professionals that have shown a history of superior customer service skills and leadership in the financial services industry. Sales and customer service are staffed 24 hours / Seven days a week.

Regular Bonus Program

Innovation for our programs is always on the upfront of our team, so you can be on the lookout for new and cool ways to earn money through the different bonus programs we offer.

Why are we here?

Our traders’ trust and success are our priority, our traders are given access to the information that they need for pairs, commodities and indices, which they can trade, using the best and most popular online software and tools we have developed through the years of trading on the financial markets. Uptrend value is involved in developing and providing highly advanced technological services and products, allowing it to stand out from other brokers. Making it easier for traders to invest their money and have guaranteed accruals and earnings.

Referral program

We have developed the best Forex referral program compared to othere brokers online. This program was designed for you to make and extra income through your family and friends as you journey through the financial markets. Be sure to check our referral program page for more information as how to maximize your income.


Our 3-step program was designed so No special rules apply, no unique skills are required and no marketing expenses are incurred in this program. All you need to have is a live trading account at UPTREND VALUE and to share your referral link to the members of your community.

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